Take cooling towel Start Enjoy Summer Trip

Trip to GeTu River, the cooling summer gateway

Early summer in July is very hot in Guangzhou, 37 degree outdoor temperature makes people breath difficult. And we had holiday came to Getu River, a famous natural scenic spot in Anshun,Guizhou Province, China. It is famous for its cooling summer, green river and special traditional spiderman cliff rock climbing. I always take our natural air conditioner Trancoo cooling towel while travelling.

Enjoy cooling summer in Getu River
Spride woman Luo Dengping
Spideman Luo Dengping’s Cliff climbing Legendary story

Spideman Luo Dengping’s Cliff climbing Legendary story

The river is vivid green and clear, air is cooling and sweet, we enjoyed relax times by boat running in the river. The destination of our boat trip is a huge cave, so many people waiting for the spiderman rock climbing. Luo Dengping, a 40-year old woman, born and grown up from the Miao ethnic group side of Getu river, performed rock climbing WITHOUT ANY PROTECTION!!Luo’s father is an excellent climber and teach her when she was a child, and she was the only one student was lady. Rock climber need great courage and endurance to teach the still, it was great amazing that she climbed cliffs up to 100 meters height just by her hand and foot, without any protection facility.

Sprideman Luo back to home by boat after climbing performance

Enjoy hiking take along with Trancoo Cooling Towel

Hiking along the Getu river and sat down side steps had rest, we took out the Trancoo Cooling towel and enjoy cooling relax time. Trancoo PVA cooling towel comes with a very soft and durable environmental protect material EVA pouch, and the towel organized smart in this beautiful zipper bag. The zipper bag with portable clip, i can hang up on my backpacks or just load in pocket. The cooling towel have to be used by soak water in wet, this waterproof bag is great to put it back into after use.

Trancoo Cooling Towel improvements and competitive than others

I prefer Trancoo cooling towel for its ultra cooling , the perforated design is different from the traditional PVA chilly towels, it is more breathable and promote evaporate make better cooling effect.. I also like it has a insert tie design to hold the towel not move even while i walking or running.

Trancoo Cooling Towel package and display

Additionally, this PVA material Chilly towel is super absorbent, it really perfect for drying body and drying heir after shower or swimming in river in travelling.

I can’t wait to share this great magic towel to you guys who like outdoor activities and buy one for my families as a amazing gift. I believe it would be my necessary in my future trips.

Take Cooling Towel Start Enjoy Summer Trip

What is cooling towel?

Cooling towels are made from super absorbent PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) and strong polyester fabric unique hyper evaporative technology, no chemical added. The material employ the concept of “evaporative cooling,”The moisture on the surface of the cooling towel evaporates faster, and the coolness of the skin is enhanced by physical cooling. It also provides sun protection, too(UPF 50+). 

How to activete cooling towel?

  1. Soaking the cooling towel with clean water.
  2. Wring out water to help start the evaporation, swing the towel for 3-5 times in the air, it only takes a few seconds to become cool .
  3. Enjoy cool around your neck or on your wrist, or any ways you like.

No chemicals added, the cooling towel is safe and easy to use. After drying, material will dry stiff, simply add cold water and soak it soft. Towel can be reused over and over. Store the clean towel in the zipper bag after use or hang dry.

When to use Cooling Towel?

Trancoo cooling towel is perfect for Running, Hiking, Yoga, Swimming, Golf, Gym, Workout, Climbing ,Camping, Travelling and Outdoor activities

Buy Trancoo Cooling Towel now!!

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