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We are specializing in produce all kinds of PVA material towels and microfiber towels, inducing car cleaning series, pet towel series and sports towel series etc.

We own Sedex audited factory and SGS certificated test reports high quality products , supply towels for Walmart, Walsgreens and Auchan for years.

Wholesale cooling towels have proven to be one of the hottest promotional giveaway items in the industry. We’re here to supply you with the best promotional cooling towels, both in terms of quality and in terms of which best meet your promotional needs.

We’re going to share with you a wealth of information regarding our customizable athletic cooling towels. It’s our hope that providing this material will enable you to pick the best brands, styles, and decoration options to make your company branding campaigns a smashing success!

PVA Chamois Towel

PVA Chamois Towel / Synthetic leather cloth perfect for car cleaning.

Cleaning Towel

Magic cleaning towel / Housework cleaning towel, used for glasses, floor, leather wipe cleaning and drying.

Pet Towel

The PVA material pet towel can absorb pet hair exceed water quickly just with gentle wrap, prevent pet’s fear from hair dryer.

Sports Towel

We offer all kinds of PVA meterial cooling towels and microfiber cooling towels, drying towel, beach towel ,gym towel and travelling towels, OEM orders are welcome.
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