PVA Cooling Towel


PVA Instant cooling towel perfect for Running. Fitness. Biking. Golf. Yoga. Swimming and other Activities

Color switch:Blue,Pink, Green,Grey,Yellow, Orange,Purple

Availabe size: 84×20cm, 80×34cm, 85×33cm,66×43cm, 43×32cm

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Trancoo PVA cooling towels are made from super absorbent PVA(polyvinyl alcohol) and strong polyester fabric unique hyper evaporative technology, no chemical added. Soak it with water, wring out excess, shake and wear the towel, activate stay cooling for hours. When the towel become warmer even hard, simply rinse and reuse. Store the wet towel in provided pouch for reuse soon or hang dry. This is an amazing, multi-purpose towel. It is perfect for sports, swimming, gym, travel, shower, hair drying, pet cooling etc.

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The insert cutting tie design is helpful to holding the towel place well during running and sports.

  • NEW and Improved perforated design

    • Innovative perforated design accelerates evaporative of towel surfece for better cooling experience AND more breathable .
    • The perforated design allows for faster absorption,it makes easier to soak wet after it dry

Waterproof zipper pouch is easy for hanging on backpack

Super soft EVA waterproof pouch package is portable carrying, and carabiner clip is convenient to hang on any backpack or belt, smart and easy storage after using.

How to use?

  1. Rinse the towel for 30 seconds before the initial use.
  2. Wring out excess water
  3. Shake and wear it on neck
  4. Rewet as needed to reactivate cooling effect.


  • Perfect for Running. Fitness. Biking. Golf. Yoga. Swimming and other Activities

Trancoo cooling towels at up to 2mm thickness, more absorbent and hold more water and stay longer cool

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