PVA Chamois Towel , Car Cleaning towel


Plas Chamois Towel, Car cleaning towel

Regular size options:




Colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, purple

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✅5 TIMES ABSORBENT THAN ORDINERY TOWELS– PVA chamois towel made from PVA and micro material starch steamed, super soft and absorb like sponge, and hold more water, wiping washed car dry fast, and no watermark left.


✅EMBOSSED DOT PATTERN AVAILABLE- The smooth surface is very soft and little sticky to the cleaning object surface. The embossed side is helpful to reduce friction in cleaning, easier to wiping. However. The smooth towel is more absorb



✅NO FLOCKS LEFT AND SCRATCH PROOF- The shammy cloth looks like leather material, dirt and stains can be removed completely, no fiber flocks left on wiped car  or glasses, scratch proof.


✅ CUT INTO ANY SMALLER SIZES AS YOU LIKE– You can cut the towel into any smaller sizes for cleaning separately for inner cleaning and outside cleaning. Smaller size towel better for mirror and panel cleaning



✅ EASY TO USE –Soak the towel moisture , wring out exceed water and use it simply. Wash the chamois towel clean after each use and store it in the supplied plastic tube or zipper bag or hang dry.

✅ DURABLE AND REUSABLE – The chamois towel made of strong mesh in the middle of the material, it can be used more than 1 year if you can use it correctly and clean after each use.




  • Regular size options:





  • Colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, purple
  • Package: Polybag, Printing hanging bag, Zipper big, PP tube, PVC tube and custom’s package available.


PVA Chamois towel packed in Custom’s PDQ package available, MOQ: 500PDQ

1 color Printing logo available, MOQ : 2000pcs


  • Custom’s embossed logo availabel, MOQ: 1000PCS
  • 43×32CM towel with embossed logo display


  • PVC Clear plastic tube package


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