How to choose perfect cooling towel?

There are more and more different kinds of sports cooling towel in market, different sizes and different styles, different printing patterns, very big size and smart size. But how to identify a good quality cooling towel ?

I would like to recomment Trancoo towels to you guys, analyzing by the professional manufacturer and review from material and using tips.

What is the Trancoo Microfiber Cooling Towel advantage?

  1. Our Trancoo cool towel with 55% polyamide &45% polyester content more absorbent and cooler than 100% polyester material towels in market, better quality with more competitive price.
  2. Attractive luxury logo printing, the logo looks fashion and attractive, it is silky soft and smooth, not the screen-printing logo.
  3. The exquisite stitching , no thread, 100% checked before ship
  4. Instant Cooling, Keep Stay Chilly & UPF50+ Protection. Chemical free added,the unique physical cooling system by moisture towel to take sweat away from your skin to keep you cool for hours, and it provides UPF 50+ protection for outdoor sports.
  5. As for the size, 42″ long and about 11″ wide chill towel is the best size for neck wrap, but it is very smart after organized into the supplied case. Handheld Sized, portable and compact waterproof box packaging with carabiner clips is convenient to hanging on any backpack or belt, perfect for cycling, biking, hiking, camping, traveling, climbing, golf trip, marathon and other outdoor activities
  6. Trancoo cooling towel comes in a waterproof clip plastic box, so you can wet it when setting out for the day, and take it out when you get there, instead of immediately having to wet it
Trancoo Cooling Towel details
Trancoo Microfiber Cooling Towels Super Absorbent

When you need the Cooling Towel?

I really like this Trancoo microfiber cooling towel, it is mesh textile towel. I used it everyday when I do my workout and it works great. Nice and refreshing effect to use, just soak it, wring it and shake it.

It came with a carrying waterproof case with clip, so you can take it anywhere you go and use it when you needed. You can put it inner purse or hang on your backpack for outdoor activities. So definitely going to use it often in summer.

Towel open size and package size

If you are an avid hiker, camper, and wilderness backpacker, and primarily take these kind of trips in California, Las Vegas, Utah , Arizona and trip to Walt Disney where whether is quite hot, you would be baked in the sun for hours.

Undoubtedly, you need prepare a portable cooling/chilly towel as life saver, when you put the towel around your neck, it would take you cool and freedom breathable.

Probably running streams or lake to keep you momentarily cool, and that also meant having the water drip onto your shirt for additional cooling. However, this relief would usually subside in 30 minutes after the cooling towel has completely dried up in the sun.

It is simple to soak the towel with cold water to activate the cooling process simply. Additionally, it is also amazing cooling towel for dogs, Trancoo cooling towel also prevent your dog from suffering sunstroke in hot summer.

Cooling towel usage in gym and hiking.

How does microfiber cooling towel work?

  1. Simply soak it in cold water
  2. Wring out exceed water
  3. Swing several times before use and enjoy cooling for hours
  4. Just soak it when it is not cool

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