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Trancoo PVA Cooling Towel

PVA Instant Chilly Towel perfect for Running. Fitness. Biking. Golf. Yoga. Swimming and other Activities. Simply wet in cold water and wring it out,enjoy cooling for hours. Perforated design for extreme cooling and the insert tie holds the towel in place.
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Cooling Towels And Life

How to choose perfect cooling towel?

There are more and more different kinds of sports cooling towel in market, different sizes and different styles, different printing patterns, very big size and

Cooling Towels And Life

Take cooling towel Start Enjoy Summer Trip

Trip to GeTu River, the cooling summer gateway Early summer in July is very hot in Guangzhou, 37 degree outdoor temperature makes people breath difficult.

Cooling Towel Knowledge

How Instantaneous Cooling Towels Work?

Immediate cooling towels have provided towel-snapping an entirely new definition. In the past, towel-snapping was a storage locker area task that adolescent young boys stood

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